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Living to die

With so much tragedy in the world lately, do you ever just think about what your purpose in life is? Over the last year I’ve become more religious, I started to pray every night and participated in lent. I think one of the reason was when I was at a low point and didnt think i would overcome it and i prayed to god and he helped me get through it and ever since i’ve just been grateful. But over the last several months there have been so many tragedies, like the sinking of the ship in south korea, mh 370, and the passing of a friend just makes me wonder about what we were put on this earth for. Lately school has kept my hands full but since these tragedies a part of my mind has been circling the thought of are we living to die? I understand the world is driven by money but with this obsession we’re giving up the real meaning of life which to me is to live it to its fullest. Don’t get me wrong I love to have fun but and I’ll be honest with whoever is reading this, I’m money hungry as they get. I have so many goal when it comes to being successful, I want to help people, make a difference, be an impact, but theres just so much more I need to do before I get to these stuff. I need to provide for my family. I want to provide my parents with everything they’ve given me even when they had so little just to see my sister and I smile. We had a Super Nintendo while our parents were collecting aluminum cans and working several jobs. On top of retiring my parents I want to travel the world. Theres just so much to see before we die. I just want to enjoy my youth with friends and loved ones before we all move away and get jobs but the lack of money is an issue, which starts the cycle over. Once you’re old you have money and no time to enjoy it but when you’re young you have time to enjoy it but no money. 

rant over.


I love 3s

we’re meant to be… please


a raging bull. Air Jordan V “Toro Rojo”

by Never Wear Them


Raging Bulls >


Perfect Couple….
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Perfect Couple….

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Bora Bora 

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Raging Bull: Red Suede by Super - Secret, on Flickr

I need these in my life

Lately I’ve been listening to espn radio podcast before I sleep just to help me fall asleep and help me avoid overthinking of ridiculous scenarios that would never happen. But today I watched a documentary on the boston marathon and then everything began to sink in, the world is a fucked up place. I’m losing faith in so many things.

I’ll finish this some other time when I get some free time.

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