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Good game, Rex? Yeah…we know. #Patriots


Good game, Rex? Yeah…we know. #Patriots

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I don’t even know you but why can’t I get you out if my mind.

Rest in paradise Ong Ngoai. I wish I could’ve been there to say goodbye one last time but I’m grateful to have been able to see you this past summer. Miss you gramps.

After class today I knew I needed to go buy more food for the week since my parents have gone to Paris and left me home alone with my sister but I’ve been so lazy lately I didn’t want to go. For my own benefit I went and grabbed some turkey breast and bread. At the register I looked over at the candy section and saw a Crunch chocolate candy bar and I remembered the significance of this one candy bar. My oldest memory I had of my grandpa is him visiting in America and one day he was sitting at the dinning table alone eating a Crunch bar. I came and sat next to him and he broke me off a piece of my first ever Crunch bar. Ever since Crunch has been my favorite of all chocolate bars. Although I haven’t seen my grandpa that much in my life because he lives in Paris, I find myself reminiscing on that very moment. Needless to say, I had to get one. 

RIP Ong Ngoai I miss you so much.

I’ve been so angry at the world lately I actually think that it’s pushing me to work harder. I dont think the mentality that I have right now is positive in the long run but we’ll get to that later.

Mom made peking duck for her last meal before she goes to France for a month #mommaknows

I don’t recall the last time my test grade was higher than the class avg but I gotta admit this feels pretty damn good lol. AND I’m not talking like 1 or 2 points higher than the avg I mean like 20 points higher. 

Everyday I look in the mirror and tell myself, “you gotta hold yourself to a higher standard.”

Lets be honest… How many of us are actually graduating on time?



Last day of summer… #summer14 #rome #colosseum

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Officially the last day of summer… :( 


Sunset in Vernazza, Italy by Elia Locardi

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